Commercial Mold Inspection in Florida

At Mold Shark, we specialize in providing commercial mold inspection and testing services throughout the state of Florida. Does your office, business, school, or commercial property have a mold problem? We can help!

Our team of certified specialists will visit your commercial property and help you through the entire process. We will perform a thorough inspection of the property, utilizing thermal imaging and other advanced equipment. During the inspection, we will gather several air and surface samples for laboratory testing. We will locate, identify, and help you remove any mold that is growing inside of the property.

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Commercial Mold Inspection

Commercial mold inspections are extensive property inspections performed by Mold Shark’s team of licensed mold assessors. We specialize in investigating and locating mold, and then determining its source of growth. We also specialize in testing, identifying, and removing any mold that is discovered during the inspection process.

Commercial facilities such as business offices, factories, and schools are generally much larger than your average home. As a result, commercial inspections typically require a more extensive and thorough investigation than home mold inspections. Those who work in these facilities are not usually familiar with all the nooks and crannies where mold can grow and spread. This allows a potentially harmful mold problem to go unnoticed.

How to Tell if You Need a Mold Inspection

  • There is visible mold growth.
  • A “musty” odor is in the air.
  • The property has experienced water damage, flooding, or a plumbing leak.
  • Occupants are experiencing mold exposure symptoms.

Additionally, if you own or manage a commercial property, it is also important to have the building inspected periodically. If any buildings on the property are occupied daily by employees, tenants, or students, you should have the indoor air quality checked on a regular basis. Mold and other airborne toxics can have negative health effects, especially after prolonged exposure. Professional mold inspection and testing services are important for the health of the property’s occupants.

Our Commercial Inspection Services

Our commercial mold inspection services include:

  • Visual interior and exterior investigations.
  • Moisture meter readings and moisture mapping.
  • HVAC mold inspections.
  • Thermal imaging for mold.
  • Borescope investigations.
  • Mold sampling.
  • VOC sampling.
  • Formaldehyde sampling.
  • Photo reports provided.
  • Assessment reports & protocols provided.

Commercial Mold Testing

Advanced Laboratory Testing

We send the air and swab samples we gathered during the inspection process to an advanced microbiology laboratory for analysis. The laboratory is AIHA EMPAT certified and provides fast and accurate results. Using state-of-the-art commercial mold testing equipment, the lab can identify a specific species of mold (there are more than 10,000) as well as determine the volume of mold (per cubic meter / per square centimeter) in a sample. After the volume of contamination and the genus spore types have been identified, proper steps can then be recommended, formulating a solution to the mold problem.

In addition to mold testing, the laboratory can analyze the samples to determine if other potential health hazards are affecting the indoor air quality of your property.

Assessment Reports

After the testing process is complete, we provide you with a detailed assessment report. The report includes all of our findings and test results. In the event that mold has been discovered, we provide recommendations for mold remediation or the best alternative course of action.

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